3D Printing as Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Different 3D printing techniques have varying degrees of accuracy when it comes to reproducing parts with the correct dimensions.

The kind of additive manufacturing technology used has a significant impact on a part’s accuracy even though other factors also contribute to additional variation.

Its benefits

The adoption of 3D printing will offer users a number of benefits. First off, 3D printers make it simple to create really complex items. According to D’Aveni (2015), this technology also lengthens the product development cycle as people may simply modify designs and iterate the process until the desired product is produced.

Since almost all raw materials may be used in the manufacturing process, 3D printing has the important benefit of increasing efficiency.

Impacts on Manufacturing

The manufacturing environment will change significantly as a result of 3D printing technology. Due to the removal of the high capital requirements that have typically stopped new entrants from joining, 3D printers will result in more competition as more manufacturers emerge.


To maintain their competitive advantages, manufacturers will be compelled to innovate and offer specialised products.


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