3D Printing on the Fly

3d printing

Simply because 3D printing can now be done “on-the-fly,” production and design are revolutionizing themselves.


Audi has also joined the party by 3D printing auto parts, effectively altering how their production and distribution is conducted. The shorter wait times customers experience when buying complex parts is a significant benefit. They can more effectively and economically produce lighter items with intricate interior geometry or functionality using an SLS-like technique.

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In addition to making quick on-demand production possible, 3D printing has also made it possible for anybody, almost anywhere, to quickly bring their creations to life. 

3D printing services is now growing to be an on-demand industry because of the many advantages like 

  • Time effective

  • No use of inventories

  • Less machineries

 Apart from rapid prototyping, it is essential and widely liked as it has proved to be both cost and time effective. Unlike the traditional method, it reduces the labour cost to a larger extent. It is a good economical choice as it saves the wastage of inventories. The raw materials are hardly used when we take 3D printing to consideration. The use of machineries is rather less which again proves it to be cost-effective.

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