Jigs and Fixture Design Services

Did you know that you can save up to 35%* of your material wastage and time when you use the right jigs and fixture design for your project? Contact us now to know more!

Have you got a mass production job of 100s, 1,000s, 10,000s or even more parts to be welded, machined, assembled or any other operation to be performed? Jigs and fixture is all you need for this problem! A jig is generally a custom designed tool which is used to hold a workpiece and also helps to guide the operation tool to the workpiece. Whereas a fixture is simply a work holding device which just holds the workpiece and does not guide the operation tool.

During mass production it is very essential to use a jig and fixture to perform a particular operation on the workpieces so that all the workpiece in the entire batch is consistent and error free. This includes the accuracy, precision and quality.

But what happens when the jig or fixture is not designed properly? That’s right! Everything goes to scrap. There is a high chance of your parts losing accuracy, precision, quality or sometimes all of the above. Also, you will be facing a huge loss of material, time and money.

Worry not! Crenodez has got you covered with our Jigs & Fixture Design Service. We have a team of engineering design experts who are specialized in designing jigs & fixture for a variety of operation. It might me a welding fixture, hydraulic/pneumatic work holding fixture, painting fixture, or anything we have the best solution for your problem.

Crenodez is changing the trend of manufacturing jigs & fixture using Additive Manufacturing. That’s right! 3D Printed jigs & fixture!

Welding Fixture Design

Painting Fixtures Design

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