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How 3D printing helps Architects?

3D printing for Architects

With 3D printing, the real world of architecture is solidified. Crenodez, provides customers with 3D printing in Chennai and architectural file fixing services with short turnaround times. Traditional Methods took so many weeks to create a model, but now it can be finished in just one to two days.

A concept model is the first step in every architectural project. It’s an essential tool that aids in conveying the architect’s vision for the design to clients, the general public, and architects. But it takes a long, arduous process to get from plans to actual models. 

A hand-made, intricate, and scaled concept model requires a lot of manpower. When complex geometries are involved, the task becomes even more challenging.

3D printing changed the way how it works earlier. Based on a CAD model, we can produce highly detailed physical sculptures using a variety of materials and colours. Using this effective method, architects may produce models more rapidly and correctly. Additionally, it helps customers and buyers envision the ultimate structure. 

Moreover, customers can make suggestions for adjustments and instantly view them in a fresh 3D printed model if they desire them. Compared to waiting until the building is almost complete realizing mistakes or making required adjustments, are few advantageous. Also, this saves both time and money. Models of any complexity can be produced with this method in less time.

3D Printing – Non Expensive Prototyping Method

For architects, interior design has always been difficult and time-consuming. They will be able to produce intricate furniture and parts more quickly thanks to 3D printing. It is possible to prototype smaller ornamental things fast and without wasting expensive materials or labour. Recently, some architects have started offering a catalogue of ready-to-print designs and finishes for consumers to choose from. With 3D printing service, we can customize to the customer’s choices without incurring additional fees or delaying deliveries.

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