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Unique branding ideas using 3D printing 

3D printing services have spread over many manufacturing industries and sectors in the last few decades. Indeed, according to reports, the 3D printing market is expected to reach a value of USD 63.46 billion by 2026. The impressive technology of 3D printers has made the manufacturing task much more simplified and optimized. 

Even though the significant positive benefits of 3D printing, companies have failed to identify the marketing space use case of 3D printers. This article aims to open the eyes of several brands to the realm of using 3D printing services for branding products. 

3D printing for Branding

Many of us are now aware of 3D printing technology, yet do you ever ponder on the advantages 3D printing services can levy in the marketing sector for your company? 

Brands can use 3D printing facilities to take promotional activities in their companies to a new level. Recently many brands like Coca-Cola, Nokia, DVV, and others have stepped forward to explore the benefits of this technology to create innovative campaigns for the brand. 

Innovate methods to launch products in the market

When launching a product, the central concern is whether the public will like it. There is always uncertainty over this issue. Working on innovative marketing ideas becomes even more critical if your business has limited capital.

3D printed prototypes can work as a new and impressive way of launching the product on a smaller scale. This can help gather information on what the audience thinks about your product. Indeed, you can even re-work on design and make a few changes in the product pattern as per customers’ views post-launch. 

Save on the cost of materials for branding products

If you plan to take your product to a trade fair and wish to display the working model of your product, then 3D printing can come in very handy. With 3D printed prototypes, you can build affordable marketing materials for display and other promotional work. 

The detailed and intricate designs made using 3D printers can quickly help you bag more customers for your product. You can give your customers access to the most minute details of your project using prototypes created using a 3D printing facility. 

Customize as per user interaction with the product

3D printing technology has the most exciting selling point because of its customization feature. With 3D printing, you can give the power to design products for your customers. This will give them a sense of belonging to the company, which can turn them into potential customers. 

This unique way of encouraging user interaction can be much more profitable for your business. You can introduce campaigns enabling users to design new products, this way, you can attract a large crowd to buy your product.

What next?

More and more companies realize the benefit endowed with 3D printing services. Indeed, they view 3D printing as the next big thing in Branding. The future holds a lot of potential for a 3D printing branding facility!

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