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What is Multi Jet Fusion (or) MJF 3D Printing?

Multi Jet Fusion (or) MJF 3D Printing technology is an industrial grade 3D printing process which uses nylon as the key material for producing functional prototypes/parts with complex geometry at much less time than any other 3D Printing technology. The MJF 3D printing technology is ideal for working in batches to achieve lower per cost pricing for highly complex geometric parts.

The major advantage of MJF 3D Printing is that there are no support structures add to the original part unlike the other 3D printing technologies. Since there are no supports added the print time and the cost is reduced drastically. Similarly, the parts can be stacked on to the Z axis. This allows a more number of parts to be printed at same time without sacrificing the speed and print quality.

MJF 3D printing technology produces parts with isotropic mechanical properties. This means that the parts produced in MJF are high in strength and accuracy than SLS 3D printed parts.

How Multi Jet Fusion (or) MJF 3D Printing work?

MJF 3D printing using Nylon as its raw material and the Nylon is used in the form of fine powder. The nylon powder is taken is a huge bed and the bed is capable of lowering down after each layer of print is finished.

The MJF unit has a moving head which contains a inkjet array to selectively spray/apply fusing and detailing agents into the bed containing nylon powder. Once the fusing and detailing agents are applied to the nylon powders a heat lamp is used to fused the powders in to a solid layer. After one layer is completed, new nylon powder is deposition on top the previous layer and the process is repeated until the part is finished.

Once the print is finished, the entire bed with the part in it is taken to a post processing station. Here, the bed is cooling and the remaining unused powders are removed using vacuum and recycled for the next print. The MJF 3D printed part is then bead blasted and blown using compressed air to remove the residual powders completely and dyed black or painted if needed.    

Why Choose MJF 3D Printing for your project?

MJF 3D printing uses industrial grade nylon such as PA11 and PA12 which are best suited for functional prototypes and small batch productions. The layer height which can be achieved in MJF 3D printing is as low as 80 microns. This helps to achieve high accuracy and intricate details in the part.

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Bild Volume:

  1. 380 x 280 x 380 mm – 1unit


0.025 – 0.05mm per 25.4mm of part dimension

Layer Height:

  1. High Resolution – 0.08 mm 


  1. X/Y Direction: 0.05mm +/- 0.001mm
  2. Z Direction: 0.08mm +/- 0.001mm


  1. HP 3D PA12 
  2. HP 3D PA12 Glass Bead 


1. Standard: Parts are removed from the bed and bead blasted to remove all residual powders.

2. Finished: Parts are removed from the bed and bead blasted to remove all residual powders and black dyed. 

*custom paint job can be done on customer’s request*