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3D printing is the best choice when Companies need a prototype of their final products or a small batch production without MOQ since this cannot be achieved through any other traditional manufacturing methods.

Give life to your product with CRENODEZ 3D printing & Rapid Prototyping with real-life models

From Design To Manufacturing, And Every Prototype In Between!

Reliable and affordable 3D printing prototyping solutions by Crenodez.

We at Crenodez provide excellent 3D printing services in Chennai. Quality and assurance are our prime spheres of concern. We believe that every product journey should start with prototyping to enhance product design.

As a leading 3D printing service provider we aim to provide the best experience to our clients. Our highly experienced 3D printing experts help curate the best prototype as per the requirements of our clients. Moreover, they are capable of completing the project within set deadlines, and in a budget-friendly manner. If you are looking for efficient 3D printing services around Chennai, then Crenodez is the right place to end your research and get started with prototyping work!

Customer satisfaction is our benchmark of efficacy. We provide 24/7 support services to our clients, helping them clarify doubts and assist them with getting the right quote as per their preferences. Contact us to get access to the best 3D printing technology for your next project. 

Learn, innovate and excel with real-life prototyping experience!

Why 3D Printing For Prototyping?

Being an industrialist belonging to the Aerospace, Space, Automotive, Power Sector, Oil and Gas, and Medical sectors, it helps test your product earlier to bring it to market quickly.

Design for Manufacturing
One-stop Solution
Design Protection

3D Printing will enable you to design any complex models achieves a freedom, a streamlined supply chain, and a shorter lead time with cost-effective solutions for the final product output.

A Rotor Cap manufacturing with 3D printing technology

Rapid Prototyping is an agile product development approach that can drastically reduce the time spent in the engineering & manufacturing phase that gives you a clear vision of the product or concept.

Choose the Right Technology on your utility

Fused deposition modeling

In Fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology, the filaments of thermal plastics are deposited with melt extrusion method in accordance with a specific pattern. The FDM layouts consists of a printhead that is able to move along X and Y directions above a build platform, similar to Printing.

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Digital Light Processing

Digital Light Processing (DLP), also known as stereolithography, is a process in additive manufacturing which uses DLP technology to print a 3D object, taking a design created in a 3D modeling software.

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Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a power-bed 3D printing resource used as a manufacturing strategy to create unique parts in a short amount of time with exquisite surface finishing.

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Why choose Crenodez?

Supreme quality guaranteed – increase efficiency and industrial design processes with better quality prototypes. 

Quick delivery option available – get your 3D printed prototype ready within a few days once the design has been shared with Crenodez

Customize as per preferences – Use our best 3D printing services in Chennai to curate prototypes as per your expectations 

Reduced cost and risk – Get access to cost-effective solutions that protect you against the risk of disastrous designs post-manufacturing

Always up for support – Crenodez is always there to help you easily access 3D printing services in Chennai as early as possible

Our 3D printing solutions – Materials!

  • PLA
  • PRO BLK 10
  • Rubber Blk 65A
  • Nylon PA12

To know more about our entire material library Click hereDirect it to material data sheet page

Still confused? No worries, Crenodez’s powerful 3D printing solutions are just one call away to help you out! 

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