3D Printing Services

Crenodez gives cutting-edge 3d printing services to companies, students, freelancers & to any maker out there. With an assembly of reputed clients, Crenodez is on a rapid expansion spree over the country. Upload your CAD Data here and we will take care of the rest.Our 3D Printing model of length Ranges from 1mm^3 to 1.2m^3

3D Printing services

3D Printing Services

With multiple material alternatives and state-of-art production unit, Crenodez offers 3D Printing services at advanced quality and less price. We guide you from the stage of selecting the material to the production stage.

Small Batch Production 

Small batch production permits makers of a wide range to thrive withinside the marketplace. A perfect fit for the “maker movement” that’s growing quickly in the small business community, the capacity to produce, package, and distribute the products on a smaller scale has many benefits. We offer such services from startups to industries ranging from 1 to 3000.

Multi-Material Options 

3D printing offers a wide range of materials in additive manufacturing process ranging from common/industrial plastics to metals.

Crenodez gives 3D Printing with nearly 16 different kinds of plastics and 5 distinctive metals too.

Choose the Right Material on your utility

Fused deposition modeling

In Fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology, the filaments of thermal plastics are deposited with melt extrusion method in accordance with a specific pattern. The FDM layouts consists of a printhead that is able to move along X and Y directions above a build platform, similar to Printing.

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Digital Light Processing

Digital Light Processing (DLP), also known as 3D printing and stereolithography, is a process in additive manufacturing which uses DLP technology to print a 3D object, taking a design created in a 3D modeling software.

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Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a power-bed 3D printing resource used as a manufacturing strategy to create unique parts in a short amount of time with exquisite surface finishing.

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